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Selected as International Talent Support (ITS2020) Finalist, ALTERED-NATIVE is an experiment to design wearable objects that can alter its wearer’s visual image through reflection and distortion, creating “the new native”.

Focused on the face, the most recognizable human feature, reflection and distortion techniques are explored to create facial transformation. The objective is to increase, to change direction, to deconstruct and to create illusion of the face.

Multi jet fusion plastic which is a high reusable 3d printing material is used to construct the overall form. Combining with reflective materials such as Mirror acrylic, polished metal together with clear crystal.

Photographer & retoucher : @chanathip_k
Stylist : @edenbyeden
Assistant stylist : @ismeguide
Make up & hair : @torr_tang
Model : @taisa_borisova @a1models
Assistant photographer : @shuttershut_

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